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ASMC Allied Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil Hospital ASMC Allied Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil Hospital

Dispersion and Measures of Dispersion

  • Dr. Sachin Chaudhary
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Dispersion and Measures of Dispersion

About the Course

The course on "Dispersion and Measures of Dispersion" explores statistical concepts surrounding the spread and variability of data. Students delve into understanding dispersion through measures like range, variance, standard deviation, and interquartile range, crucial for analyzing data distributions effectively.

Dr. Sachin Chaudhary

Assistant Professor
Community Medicine, Autonomous State Medical College & allied Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil Hospital, Shahjahanpur
1 course(s) 3 students
  • Lesson - Dispersion and Measures of Dispersion


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